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FUE vs FUT comparison


The table below summarises the advantages and inconveniences of the FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction) compared to those of the FUT procedure (Follicular Unit Transplant).

FUE advantages over FUT

No linear scar in the recipient area

  • Of importance to patients with short hair → risking a visible scar
  • Of importance to patients with a medical history showing keloid scars, thickened scars or widening scars

Shorter healing time of the donor area

The tiny insertions created by the punch in FUE close up quickly

No limitation to intensive physical exercise directly after the FUE procedure

The FUT scar is situated at the occipital protuberance. This area was selected because it is made up of the most suitable hairs for hair transplant. It’s also in this area where the neck muscles are anchored.

Excessive and premature post-surgical involvement of neck and shoulders can induce larger scars. With FUE, the small holes in the donor area do not widen. You can resume intensive physical effort from day 10 following your procedure.

Less postoperative discomfort to the donor area

With FUE, there is usually no postoperative discomfort to the donor zone whatsoever. The offered medication is rarely used.

FUE benefits patients susceptible of having more visible scars

  • Young patients
  • Athletic and muscularly well-developed patients.
  • Too much or too few scalp laxity can provoke widened scars with FUT.

FUE allows to fix scars that are beyond restoration

FUE can be used to camouflage previous FUT scars that cannot be removed due to lack of laxity.

Alternative solution in case of excessive scalp tension in the donor area

Due to several FUT type procedures already performed on the patient, the patient can no longer resort to this technique due to lack of laxity. FUE will complement in order to transfer an additional number of grafts.

Allows harvesting of very thin hairs at the base of the neck

These hairs can be used to recreate the frontal hairline or eyebrows.

Allows harvesting hairs from the beard or from the body

FUE allows the removal of beard and body hair for grafting in the recipient area.

Disadvantages of FUE compared to FUT

The follicular units are extracted from a larger area than with FUT.

  • The donor zone from which hairs are extracted is larger than when using FUT. Survival of grafts in time can be less permanent.
  • The upper and lower side of the donor area with FUE could become visible over time if the donor area is too large.

Graft quality is inferior to the quality achieved with FUT *

  • Increased risk of transection of the follicular units as in comparison with FUT
  • The extracted grafts with FUE are more fragile and subject to manipulation errors when being placed. In fact, the FUE grafts are devoid of skin (dermis) protecting them when being taken.
  • More difficulty in extracting the entire follicular unit → resulting in lower density

* These disadvantages are kept to a strict minimum by using state-of-the-art techniques at Hair2beClinic (High quality Zeiss lens, punch, motor, ambidextrous dexterity and over 15 years of experience)

The follicular unit transfer yield is inferior to that of FUT

  • Grafts of inferior quality do not favour identical regrowth as with FUT.
  • FUE doesn’t allow the harvesting of all hairs from the occipital protuberance (the area considered as most stable)
  • Distortion to this area by FUE scars complicates matters for procedures at a later date.

Each FUE transplant session adds an additional number of scars

  • For example, the first FUE session will consist of 2000 grafts resulting in 2000 scars. By undergoing a second session of 2000 grafts, the total number of scars will be 4000.
  • In contrast, with FUT, the first scar vanishes entirely after the second procedure even when this scar from the second procedure is longer. With FUT, regardless of the number of procedures, you always have just one residual scar.

For more extensive FUE sessions, the donor area will need to be shaved.

  • This may represent quite a large temporary cosmetic disadvantage. In particular for patients that cannot cover their head when working or for public figures.
  • It can take up to 10 days before the FUE scars are no longer visible.
  • Exceptions : For FUE sessions of lesser extent (up to 1500 grafts) FUE Patchy and FUE Unshaved can be an option. In these specific cases, the patient can resume social life immediately.
    • FUE Patchy : limited and camouflaged shaving of the donor area. The donor area can be partially shaved in the shape of strips whereas the recipient zone remains unshaved.
    • FUE Unshaved : The coveted grafts will be cut by scissors and extracted from the hair mass to be implanted in the recipient area without shaving.

“Capping” *

“Capping” occurs while extracting the graft when the topside of the graft dissociates itself from the rest of the graft.

* These disadvantages are kept to a strict minimum by using state-of-the-art techniques at Hair2beClinic (High quality Zeiss lens, punch, motor, ambidextrous dexterity and over 15 years of experience).

Scars may appear visible

After a significant number of FUE hair transplant sessions, the scars can be visible due to an inferior quantity of hairs in the donor area

Contraindication does not apply if the donor area is kept narrower.

FUE as well as FUT provoke scars in the donor area ; FUT in linear shape and FUE in the form of dots. With FUT, the scar is made at the occipital protuberance (area considered to be more permanent with greater certainty). With FUE, the scars are scattered over the donor area. If the patient becomes bold at a later stage, they are often left with no more than a thin crown of hair in which only FUT can be camouflaged.

In the least probable and most extreme scenario, the quantity of residual hair in the donor area could be so low even the FUT scar would become visible.


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