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Eyebrow transplant

Performed by the FUE as well as by the FUT technique


Whether they are thin, thick, long, short or curved, your eyebrows say a great deal about your character and lifestyle. The shape of your eyebrows is critical to structuring your face by adding expressiveness and depth to it.

Causes and indications

Generally, excessive plucking of the eyebrows exhausts the regrowth-cycles of eyebrow hair.

Grafting eyebrows allows to change the shape of the eyebrow and to deal with a scar. It offers a natural alternative to permanent tattoos and to daily make-up.

Eyebrow transplant

A very technical aesthetic procedure that delivers a natural and undetectable result when carried out by experts. It can be performed using the FUT technique as well the FUE technique whose adequate management of the recipient zone is essential.

Strategy-errors are hard to rectify which implies great need for expertise and know-how.

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Key elements for success

  • Using grafts containing only thin 1 hair.
  • Tangential angulation of the incisions mindful of the skin.
  • Adequate curvature of the (body) hair directed towards the skin.
  • Global pattern consistent with the face and with the patient’s desires.
  • Meticulous cutting of the grafts under microscope allowing undetectable scars.
  • Reduced incision size (between 0.6 and 0.7mm).
  • Sufficient number of incisions and regular pattern.

How many grafts do I need ?

Each eyebrow will have about 50 to 400 grafts implanted.

Is it painful and how long does the procedure take ?

Eyebrow transplant is virtually painless. Only the injection of a local anaesthetic can cause slight temporary discomfort to some patients. Post-surgical pain is virtually inexistent.

The procedure of eyebrow transplant takes on average 4hours. This time projection is depending on the number of implanted grafts.

How about the healing process ?

A slight discomfort can appear one or two days following the eyebrow transplant. The patient can also feel itchy or suffer a rash. Small crusts can form on top of the grafts.

Within one week following your procedure, your healing process is completed. The implanted grafts will shed within 3 weeks. The permanent hairs regrow somewhere between 4 to 6 months after the procedure.

The final result is deemed mature after 12 to 18 months. The rate of regrowth of the grafts is generally high although some resort to a second procedure.


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