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The consultation

Your face-to face personal consultation


Any responsible medical and surgical intervention ought to put you, the patient, at the centre. Your consultation is therefore an opportunity to start a proper, humane care process, but is also an opportunity to learn from each other: the patient as well as the surgeon and/or technician.

The consultation will allow to answer your questions, both practical and theoretical, to take away doubt, fear and taboos, will start a process to identify causes for your hair loss and to decide with your approval the hair treatment that suits you best.

The consultation is a unique moment of exchange between you, your surgeon and an experienced technician :

it allows to answer questions you ask yourself about your hair loss, to take away any misconception, to remove all doubt and fear and to break down all taboo.

The consultation will go through four stages :

  1. Information given by the patient regarding his medical and surgical history (anamnesis).
  2. Identification and comprehension of your alopecia type.
  3. Confirmation of the diagnosis.
  4. Presentation of photos showing earlier patient treatments.

Answering your questions throughout the different consultation phases

This process will identify and red-line your (limited) donor zone, the zone that needs to be restored as well as the correct assessment of potential future baldness in order to guarantee an aesthetical result that will stand the test of time.

At the end of your personalised consultation, a detailed and precise hair report will be made.

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