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A team specialised in hair restoration

Over 15 years of experience!


The Hair2beClinic team, specialised in hair restoration is internationally recognised and trained and is an ISHRS member (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) with over fifteen years of experience in hair transplantation.

We have a group of technicians, nurses and doctors working under the supervision of Dr. Frank PLOVIER MD., Plastic Surgeon, to provide you with the best experience. Our skills are complementary and generate a synergy that optimises our proficiency to your benefit.

We will be there to support you from your first medical and technical consultation, throughout the surgical procedure, until the post-surgical care.

Dr. Frank Plovier

Dr. Frank Plovier

Maite Czupper

Dr. Maite Czupper

Elise De Roover

Dr. Elise De Roover


Valerie Huwaert

Valerie Huwaert

Head nurse

Tatiana Leanovich

Tatiana Leanovich

OR nurse

Marie Nella Denies

Marie Nella Denies

Medical secretary


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