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The procedure


Is it painful ?

The majority of our patients feels no discomfort during or after the procedure. You will receive pain medication. In most cases, they remain unused. We developed techniques that reduce discomfort caused by local anaesthesia.

The different stages of your procedure

On the day of your transplant you will be expected at 6.45 am at the reception desk of the Hair2beClinic.

Adress : 466 Brusselsesteenweg, 3090 Overijse (Belgium)

A day cruising on «autopilot»

« Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight »
from the moment of your arrival. We’ll take care of you… and of everything.

Before your procedure


At the beginning of the procedure, an informed consent form be handed to you which you will need to read and approve followed by your signature. It will discuss in detail all general and personal information concerning your surgery.

If you would like to take the time to read and understand our informed consent form, please visit our downloads section.

Prior to your procedure

The general design of your hair transplant will be studied together with you. We will start the procedure upon your approval. A series of photo’s will be taken throughout your procedure in order to evaluate its evolution.

During your intervention


A mild sedative will be offered to you as to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Donor area management

  • Local anaesthesia of the donor zone
  • Graft harvesting by FUE technique or donor strip removal by FUT
  • Simultaneously, stereo-microscope aided treatment of the grafts.

Recipient zone management

  • Local anaesthesia of the recipient zone.
  • Incision testing
  • Executing the multiple incisions
  • Graft placement

At any time, you can request a short break and a meal will be served at noon.

Completion of your procedure


Your procedure generally will end around 6.00pm. The post-surgical instructions FUE and/or the post-surgical instructions FUT will be read out loud to you and explained and you will receive a kit containing a spray, physiological saline fluid and, if necessary, pain medication.

You are prohibited from driving at the end of your procedure for the duration of the evening.

In case of a FUT transplant, the suture will need to be removed within 10 to 15 days following your procedure.

Accommodation and transport

If you wish to book a room, please contact us so we can help you find the arrangements that suit you best.

We can also offer car transfer between the airport and Hair2beClinic in all-inclusive offers.


If you wish , you can proceed with a face-to-face consultation ?
Other questions ?

Please contact us so we can help you as soon as possible.

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