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Rates: FUE

FUE Fully Shaved
The entire head is shaved
1.5€ ex vat / graft
FUE Partially Shaved
Only the donor zone is shaved
2.4€ ex vat / graft
FUE Patchy
Limited and camouflaged shaving of the donor zone
3.3€ ex vat / graft
FUE Unshaved
FUE without any shaving
4.4€ ex vat / graft
FUE for curly hair Fully Shaved/Unshaved 3€/4,4€ ex vat / graft

Rates : FUT

Recipient zone shaved
2.2€ ex vat / graft
No shaving
2.9€ ex vat / graft

Rates : BHT (Body Hair Transplant) – Beard and moustache transplant

BHT – Body
Donor and recipient zones shaved
3.7 ex vat / graft
BHT – Corps
No shaving
4.3 ex vat / graft
BHT – Beard
Donor and recipient zones shaved
3.3 ex vat / graft
BHT – Beard
Only the donor zone is shaved
3.5 ex vat / graft

Below 225O grafts, an increase proportional to the number of desired grafts will be applied for the following techniques : FUE - Fully shaved / FUE - partially shaved / FUTRecipient area shaved / FUT – no shaving.

On the other hand, in exceedance of 2500 grafts, a discount will be offered to you.

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How many grafts do I need ?

The diagram below can be of help as an approximate guide for assessing the number of grafts depending on the area that needs restoration, the areas being numbered from 1 to 7. Density was estimated at 30 to 40 follicles per square cm.
Any special request will be examined case by case.

Area Number of grafts
1. Mild receding at the temples 1000
1. Severe receding at the temples 1500 - 2000
2. Forehead 500
3. Forehead / Middle part 1500 - 2000
4. Bridge (intermediate area) 1000
5. Crown (inner area) 1000
6. Crowns (exterior area) 2000
7. Coronet (aft lower section of the crown) 500 - 1000
Any special request will be examined case by case.
zone de traitement - nombres de greffes
  • Rate : Eyebrow transplant : somewhere between 2000€ and 3000€ depending the work that needs to be done.
  • Rate for a 20 to 50 graft test : 500€
  • Rate for the hair consultation : 50 € (can be deducted in full from your procedure amount)
  • Rate per PRP session : 500€

tricopigmentation 01

Tricopigmentation rate : 1200€ in total per finished area (3 sessions with a 3 to 4 week interval) subdivided into :

  • 1st session 600€
  • 2nd session 400€
  • 3rd session 200€
  • 200€ per touch-up/per area within 6 months following completion of the 3rd session
  • 400€ per touch-up/per area from the start of the 7th month through to the end of the 18th month following completion of the 3rd session.
  • From the 18th month onwards, the rates will be equivalent to that of a first session.
  • (The entire recipient area is subdivided into 4 areas in addition to the 3 areas of the donor area)

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Rates - Estimate (estimate the cost of your surgery)

Nombres de greffes non valide
Technique non valide

  The cost of the treatment varies depending on the number of treated areas and on the number of sessions

General sales conditions


A 2500€ deposit is charged at reservation of the procedure date.
A provisional reservation can be made which will be held for 5 working days. The dates reserved for hair surgery are provisional until full payment of the deposit is received.

Should you be forced to cancel your hair surgery, the deposit will be non-refundable unless another patient is willing to take your place on the relevant surgery date. For this reason, should you need to cancel or reschedule your hair transplant, please contact our receptionist as soon as possible.

Hair surgery fees

The surgical fees are paid proportionally to the number of grafted hair follicles. A price plan will be handed to you during your consultation.

When using the FUT technique, we estimate the number of follicular units as accurately as possible at the beginning of the surgical procedure. Bearing in mind that the density varies from one part of the scalp to the other, the actual number of grafted follicles will be slightly higher or lower than our estimates. An audit will be performed during your hair surgery and you will only be billed for the actual number of grafted follicular units.

The incisional quality will perfectly safeguard the graft’s integrity. The section that was cut out will be inspected by means of an enlarged photo showing density and the number of hairs per follicular unit. That way, you can rest assured that the number of grafts will not be enhanced by artificial subdivision of the follicle units. At the end of the surgical procedure you will be handed the detailed report of the section that was cut out: the number of grafts and the number of transferred hairs.

One should take into consideration the number of hairs rather than the number of grafts.

If the integrity of the follicle is safeguarded, we frequently find between 2 and 2,5 hairs per graft and sometimes up to 3 hairs per graft. Surgery of 2000 to 2500 grafts corresponds to a transfer of 4000 up to 7500 hairs on average.

A detailed bill will be handed to you after your hair surgery. The balance owed (deduction of the deposit) is payable the day of your surgery.



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