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Facial Œdema

œdema is the swelling of tissue under the influence of unusual accumulation of serous liquid. It can manifest itself after 48 hours and last for 5 to 10 days. There’s no pain involved and it normally resorbs downwards  from forehead to the lower eyelids. Applying ice packs and taking corticosteroids (Medrol) drastically reduces  facial œdema.

Synonyms - Facial oedema

specific procedure of follicular extraction or FUE that extracts one or several hairs, smaller than the follicular unit.

Synonyms - Follicular Isolation Technique
Follicular extraction

graft extraction technique by means of a punch sized from 0.9 to 1mm that allows extraction of singular follicular units.

Follicular family

two follicular units that are located very close to each other.

Follicular isolation (technique)

or FIT, term proposed by doctors Paul T Rose and John Cole for indicating the extraction of the follicular unit by means of a technique they developed ; a specific form of follicular extraction or FUE

Synonyms - FIT
Follicular Unit

a group of hairs, developing naturally in the scalp of an adult male, generally 1 to 4 hairs. Each of these groups is referred to as follicular unit.

Synonyms - FU

Follicular Unit Extraction or extraction technique by means of follicular extraction


also referred to as follicular unit transplant is a transplant technique that preserves the follicular unit.

Synonyms - Follicular Unit transplantation

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