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Physiological saline

Made from distilled water and sodium chloride at a ratio of 9 g per 1000ml. Solution preserving  grafts in an ideal environment before being implanted


a protein that can be found in the hair follicle’s cells  in  bald areas, which is not found in areas with hair.


plasma rich with blood platelets or PRP has regenerating and healing properties. A treatment with PRP  uses the patients cells without addition of foreign bodies. These cells have the ability to locally activate growth factors and to stimulate skin regeneration and growth mechanisms by acting directly on stem cells in the hair follicle.

Synonyms - Platelet Rich Plasma

circular scalpel with a 0,8 to 10 mm diameter.

Punch or trephine

a small metallic tube with the extremity as sharp as a scalpel. Applying pression with this small tube, in conjunction with a rotating movement allows the extraction of a hair "root" from the scalp. The trephine punch is also used by dermatologists to remove parts of the skin for microscopic analysis.The trephine diameter varies according to the applied technique, punch hair transplant uses a 3 to 4mm punch whereas follicular unit extraction (FUE) uses 0,8 to 1 mm trephines.

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