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Scarring Alopecia

hair loss caused by inflammatory diseases of the skin (infection, inflammation, tumour, wounds, burns, …) that irrevocably destroy the hair bulb. These illnesses are not contagious nor hereditary.

Sebaceous gland

responsible for secreting a lipid substance : sebum. This oily substance, mixed with sweat will lubricate the skin in order to protect it.

Shock loss

shedding of  existing hairs surrounding the new graft. This can be caused by lack of blood  or either by inflammation of the area during the healing process. Regrowth will occur between 2 and 3 months after the transplant.

Single follicle graft

graft containing one  follicular unit or 1 to 4 hairs (2 to 3 on average).

Skin laxity

is the rather important capability of  suppleness  and stretching of the skull’s skin. Good laxity favours the extraction of grafts by FUE. It allows the extraction of a larger number of grafts without creating too much tension when suturing with the FUT technique.


graft implantation technique using a scalpel that creates a slot which will receive the grafts.


the strip, extracted from the back of the skull will be cut into slices or slivers.


Graft harvesting technique (FUT) where a rectangular strip is extracted by means of a scalpel.

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